Frank Underwood is back! After a year-long hiatus, the popular Netflix show, “House of Cards,” is back for its third season.

Last season ended with some cliffhangers and hopefully, they will be played out in the third season.

Now that Netflix has decided to release entire seasons at a time, I will be discussing the show; specifically what to possibly expect and a bit of a recap of the second season, so no worries about accidentally reading spoilers about the third season.

The second season ended with Frank Underwood taking over as president of the United States after pulling off an insane plan to  impeach the current president. 

It started with Underwood becoming the vice president under President Walker. From there, Underwood influences, manipulates, or murders all that help him achieve his goal of becoming president.

This includes covering up the murder of Democratic Representative Peter Russo and pushing reporter, Zoe Barnes, in front of a train. Underwood is pursued by Zoe’s lover, Lucas Goodwin, but halfway through the season, Goodwin is arrested and the storyline of the murder is put aside.

Hopefully, season 3 will finalize the plotline of the murders and maybe, Underwood will see some kind of punishment.

To also better assist himself into the Oval Office, Underwood severed ties between Walker and his billionaire friend Raymond Tusk.

Xander Feng, a Chinese billionaire, was working with Tusk to build a bridge but Underwood interfered and caused Feng to drop out and Tusk to launder money through a Native American Casino.

This leads to Underwood and Tusk fighting with one another but by the end of the season Underwood convinces Tusk to turn away from the Walker. 

After being pressed by the media, Tusk lies about the laundering and states that the president knew what was going on, which began Walker’s impeachment.

Underwood had already manipulated the House Majority Whip, Jackie Sharp, and Secretary of State Catherine Durant, into backing up the impeachment, which forces the president’s impeachment even further.

Aside Underwood’s jump to presidency, the season also led to the possible death of Doug Stamper, Underwood’s Chief of Staff.

When we last see Stamper, he is left in the woods after being beaten by Rachel Posner with a stone. Stamper had fallen in love with Posner in season two after he made her go into hiding after she essentially helped Underwood murder Russo.

When Stamper received information regarding Posner’s hideaway being found and his attempt to relocate her, she gets scared and beats him down.

This new season has a lot to live up to since the second season was packed with drama and some interesting plots, and hopefully, it will live up to the hype.

Now that Frank Underwood is president, what mayhem will he cause with his new power?

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