Her expectations met unrealistic characteristics, flagging her purest thoughts as runaway fantasies


She expected her first love to give her nothing but tender kisses


        Instead he ruptures her lips so that the thought of a kiss made her flinch


She expected her best friend to hold the secrets of her past


        Instead he allowed her to relive the emotional and physical trauma with one visit to the E.R.


She expected her family to be the walls which barricaded her from the predators


        Instead she had to remind him that he was her uncle and his hands didn’t belong there


She expected her lover to carry through with their engagement


        Instead she looked over to see that same lover married into her family tree by deceit


She expected her past to stay where it belong and not conquer her stable mind


        Instead she was diagnosed with PTSD and prescribed medication for BD, the pathway was being paved for dependent addiction and a craving for TLC


She expected her married manager to stay a bay


        Instead he whispered to her lips the secrets of infidelity


She expected to see sentimental “I Love You” balloons floating towards the ceiling of her room. Each balloon pumped with hope so as they deflated over time that hope would diffuse in to her life.


         Instead she saw the illusive ropes hanging from the ceiling, the same ones her sibling strung up before advising her to use them…


        She expected the guy that revitalized her optimism in love, to confess nothing but his adoration for the relationship


        Instead he confesses to her raw and uncut: You don’t deserve love


Because what better way to address an open wound than to pour vodka all over it


Because what better way to wake up a dreaming depressed Princess, than to remind her that she is alive because only so can those words bore through her skin like a steak knife.

Princess ‘s expectations were unrealistic. Her name, Princess, derived from her unrealistic sense of entitlement.
        But her Queen constantly reminded her that she was created as a ‘perfect flaw’ and that it was as real as a fantasy could get.

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