We’ll dance tonight

Beneath the

Yellow birches that

Line the earth like

Large light bulbs,

Illuminating streets in ways

Only something so beautiful

And natural can.

Large raindrops will fall

Through the leaves

To the beat of a

Stumped novelist at a typewriter

And we’ll follow the rhythm

As our feet clumsily splatter in a

Puddle of Earth’s tears.

Nature’s song

Is all we need

As we hustle to the

Raindrop Disco,

Artwork carefully crafted by the

Universe herself.

Let’s shimmy to the silent shower of

Bright lights and spin to

Soulful music erupting from


Our bodies dormant volcanoes

Ready to awaken.

As we jive,

We’ll inadvertently form our

Own rendition —

A raindrop disco only

We know.

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