I’ve seen you

At the driver’s wheel

I’m looking at you

From another perspective


Hands behind the wheel

Engine screeching with friction

Foot on the gas

And away we go


The meter says 40

Then 50, then 60

I bought this

And I’m going to use it all the way


You’re so far away

The air hits the windshield

Like the invisible hand of Fate

Pushing me away


I was meant to get you

And you were supposed to be here with me

But now I’m chasing

Just another dream


I know what I need

What do you want?

I’m right here

Why don’t you come?


I didn’t say a word

Never shouted

Never begged

But I want you to stop


Then I remember why I wanted to get you

Because who we are

I am you and you are me 


I was told to get you 

Because you were me

The me that went and left

Me who wanted to run


Something kicks in the hood

And I go flying into the setting sky

And I whiz past you 

As my body crashes into yours


You looked scared

And I was so calm 

So I reached out my hand

And you brought up yours


The carnage is in flames

We laid out in the street

With the moon make 

And made you a promise


You’ll give me the vast space

The stars engulfed in it

And in return, I’ll give the closeness

And I’ll give you the moon.

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