Interview season is upon us as many students are preparing for internship interviews or maybe even full-time job interviews. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that the interview process will certainly be different this year. Are you ready? Well, lucky for you, we have the perfect guide to prepare you for that Zoom interview and we know what to expect with some included special tips from Catherine Borgman of the Fairfield University Career Center.

To start off, Borgman has some words of wisdom for how to start preparing for your interview. “As for any interview, it is important to do your homework in advance by researching the organization and the position, know how your skills relate to the position and be able to articulate why you want the job,” she explains.

She goes on to say that, although Zoom interviews have obviously increased in popularity, they are probably here to stay. Therefore, there are some additional steps needed to prepare for a virtual interview.

One thing that should always be on your mind is what you’ll wear. Although most, if not all, interviews these days are being held on Zoom, the physical presentation of yourself is still important. Since the camera only shows your frame from the waist up, it’s your top-half that becomes the most important aspect of your outfit. To look as put together and professional as possible, get out your best dress shirt, blouse or blazer!

Important tip: Make sure whatever you decide to wear is ironed and clean! Having stained or wrinkled clothing will show that you did not put much effort into looking appropriate for the interview.

Another important preparation aspect to think about is your background. You want to be in a space that is comfortable to you, but doesn’t have a very busy or distracting background to it. Borgman suggests that students can even book a private interview room in the Career Center.

It is important to make sure that your background is clean and organized and that the lighting is adequate. It is also important to account for and make sure that there are no distractions that could jeopardize the interview in this room. Make sure the room that you are in is quiet and calm and that your phone is turned on silent, or in another room completely. 

Another important point of preparation is making sure that your laptop is positioned appropriately. Make sure that your camera is at eye level. You will also want to be mindful of looking into the camera while speaking to the interviewer and while listening to them (don’t get too close, of course).

Important tip: Log onto the call about 10 minutes early to make sure that there are no technical issues with your device or the platform the interview will be taking place on. 

One last tip from the Career Center here on campus to crush that interview is to just be yourself! Smile and extend a warm greeting to the person who is interviewing you. Also, express gratitude for the opportunity at the end of the interview, as they have taken time out of their day to give you this opportunity. You should also take notes because they may help you later on if you move onto the next round of interviewing or if you land the job.

This might seem like a lot, but if you keep all of this in mind and really prepare for your interview, there is no doubt that you will succeed. 

If you want to practice your video interview skills anytime you want, go to and create an account using your student email.

The University Career Center is also offering a Virtual Interview Prep (VIP) Day on Feb. 24 at 1:00 p.m. You can select the employer and a 30-minute time slot that works best for you! Each practice interview will consist of 20 minutes for the interview, followed by time for feedback. Check your email for the invitation to participate as space is limited.

Happy interviewing!

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