“The Skin Surf” by Tera Melos

Tera Melos is a math rock band that continually redefines the genre. From the first second to the last, “The Skin Surf” is a jaw-dropping, face-melting experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This song is a phenomenal example of the band’s pure genius in combining pop melodies with insanely technical guitar work. With lyrics as strange and sporadic as the melodies, it takes a few listens to come to the conclusion that the song makes perfect sense and no sense at all. This is one of my favorite bands, and if you like this, keep an eye out for their new album “X’ed Out.”

“Grass and Bones” by Prawn

These are a few of the nicest guys and one of the new and upcoming bands in a genre blending post-rock, indie and art punk. Though the genre seems to be flooding with carbon copies, Prawn differentiates themselves with catchy guitar riffs, relevant lyrics and raw group vocals. Their latest EP “Ships” is their best work yet. The band knows amazing composition, with bass and drum driven songs that have such genius and beautiful transitions between fast and slow tempos. I’m really glad this band is gaining swing and popularity because they truly deserve the reputation as an awesome band.

“Nanou 2” by Aphex Twin

Richard D. James, otherwise known as Aphex Twin, is a world-renowned electronic artist, composer and innovator. “Nanou 2” off the album “Drukqs” is a beautiful piano composition influenced by composer John Cage. “Nanou 2” is three and a half minutes of directionless beauty. The song is filled with chord after chord of sad optimism that I can only describe as the feeling of your first smile after a hard cry. This amazing piece is one among many on his album. Just beware, the album is split between heavy electronic music and piano compositions.

“Came Out Swinging” by The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years are proof that pop-punk isn’t dead yet. Group vocals, catchy melodies, a heavy sound, wild energy and plenty of angst: Is there anything more you could want from a pop-punk band? This song is the opener to the band’s third LP “Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing,” and it really starts with a bang. With lyrics like “My body feels rejected and I can’t say that I blame it/My heart keeps saying stay young/My lower back seems to disagree,” it’s hard not to relate, especially after four years of college. The whole album is track after track of gems. They really outdid themselves and are one of the best — and few — thriving bands of the genre.

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