Many late-night hosts have taken to the internet as a result of quarantine taking place all over the country. This has presented a new genre of Youtube shows, with late-night hosts now doing their shows from home rather than in a studio in front of an audience. Late-night shows often rely on live studio audiences to make them come alive — so what does it look like without them? 


If you haven’t seen any of these quarantined hosts do their shows in this new way, I would suggest giving them a watch. Not only are they still as funny as ever, but they are incredibly creative and interesting in that they are still having guests via conference call. One of the best things about these online shows is that hosts are often encouraging donations to various charities that are aiding the fight against COVID-19. 


Perhaps the best late-night show that has made the switch is “The Tonight Show,” with the ever enigmatic Jimmy Fallon. A fan favorite among many, Fallon has been doing his show mainly from his home in the Hamptons. He has taken to having his young daughters make his signs, and they can often be found hilariously jumping all over in the background. His wife can be found behind the camera, videotaping Fallon taking walks in their neighborhood and telling stories. 


What also makes this show fun is the guests. Fallon still manages to get the best stars on his show even though it’s through video conferencing. Because of this, fans get an interesting look into the lives and homes of many of their favorite stars. Jimmy himself has a slide in his house that he films himself going down in the videos as well as many other quirky features. We get inside looks at the lives of some of our favorite stars such as Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell, as well as live performances from some of the biggest singers in the world. Often these guest stars bring their own charities to donate to and effectively have been able to raise money while doing sketches and skits with Fallon every night. 


However, if Jimmy Fallon isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other late-night show options you can now watch from the comfort of your, and the host’s, home. Many other big names in late-night television have followed Fallon’s lead such as Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert. Viewers can see Kimmel video conference with the infamous Guillermo or watch Stephen Colbert play with fire in the backyard of his mansion. 


The result of all this is a really intimate and wonderful show for viewers in which they see their favorite hosts in their natural habitat. With many of us trying to find things to do during this time, these online shows can be a source of entertainment for almost everybody.

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