I legit love Fergie. Her song “London Bridge” was just the perfect thing to listen to 75 times on my 3 hour flight from Rome. The thing to get me in the mood for all things London had to give me. In other words… ya girl’s in London!


So this week I’m on Fall Break. Meaning, a week of midterms has been relieved by a full week off. This allows for all of those abroad to experience the full continent they’re on. Me, the Anglophile I am, who illegally watches the “Great British Bake Off” a full year before it’s released in the U.S., was dying to head to Fergie’s great love.


We started with Abbey Road. Though a passive fan of the Beatles (I know all of their names, but not their stories), I was still looking forward to it. What makes it is all the people attempting to recreate the Beatles Abbey Road cover. It really makes you wonder if any of the Facebook likes are worth the near car accidents? But whatever, they’re probably influencers.


A couple of incorrectly taken buses or Tube lines later and we were standing in Selfridges. The perfect store to make you feel a new level of poor. Who, honestly, is a $3,000 dress for? Not anyone I know!


Any who! What I was really looking for was the Christmas decorations. Same with Liberty, I almost started crying I felt so freaking festive! I could smell the Christmas spice around me, it’d make even the most emotionally stunted drop a tear.


A pub crawl and a long sleep-in later and I was standing in front of Marcel Duchamp’s famous “Fountain” at the Tate Modern. Though the original was lost at some point, this copy is just stunning! It was lovely to see a lot of people scrolling around and looking at everything. The Tate’s setup between Modern and Contemporary art is also just so cool.


Usually, art museums separate modern art from contemporary art, as they’re actually two different categories often incorrectly used interchangeably. As Modern Art and Contemporary Art might look similar in their style or aesthetics, Contemporary Art refers to an artist that’s still living and working today. It’s an interesting comparison to be made while walking through any of the many free galleries the Tate Modern has to offer.


Our mind-blowing experience was immediately followed by just glimpsing Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. To be honest with you, I’m not one of those travelers that feels the dire need to check things off a bucket list. “Oh I went to London Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the Tower London.” I’ve just loved walking around and peeking down and around areas that my friend and I find of any interest.


One of the best areas of this type of exploring was Camden, a perfect thrift location where I didn’t buy any of the American apparel that they were up-selling. But, I did buy a couple of cute freaking coasters. I don’t even need coasters for my Fairfield dorm. The microfridge just doesn’t deserve it! But I vibed with the lady making them, and they were all either of Amy Winehouse or said a British curse word. How could I say no at that point? Amy Winehouse is simply someone we have to worship at this point. What a freaking legend.


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