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A couple years ago, I was dragged to an album release show for a band I had never heard of and at a venue I had never been to; Hostage Calm took over The Space in Hamden, Conn. and from the moment they started playing, I was hooked.

The Connecticut-based band had the greatest energy I had ever seen. They instantly became one of my favorites.

Hostage Calm released their fourth album, “Die On Stage,” on Sept. 12 of this year to much acclaim. Their follow-up to 2012’s “Please Remain Calm” kept their melting pot of genres growing strong.

This would usually be the part where I describe the band’s sound, but that is easier said than done. The easiest way to describe them is by calling them the “pop-punk Beach Boys.” Their sound is so unique that you have to listen to them to really get it.

The album begins with “When You Know,” which will have you dancing no matter where you are. Chris Martin’s voice has you hooked at first listen. Many songs on the album are very upbeat in this style. Other songs like “A Thousand Miles Away From Here” or “Your Head/Your Heart” will have you screaming along during the first listen. Other songs like “Raised” and “12/31” are on the slower side, but they are equally captivating.

Be prepared for the amazing harmonies throughout the album.

Hostage Calm really outdid themselves. Every listener will have a favorite track on the album and their appeal reaches punk, indie rock and any similar, upbeat genre. One piece of advice when listening to this album: Be prepared to love the bells after listening.

I would love to tell you all that I will be seeing them live soon, but unfortunately the band broke up unexpectedly on Oct. 8. I hope that there will be a final show so I can scream along with the band one last time. Rest in peace Hostage Calm.

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