As thousands of eager fans lined up outside Webster Arena in Bridgeport, Conn. the hype surrounding The Chainsmokers’ upcoming performance was palpable. The electronic dance music duo had recently debuted their first album titled “Memories: Do Not Open,” and Bridgeport was just the fifth stop on their highly publicized Memories Do Not Open Tour. For those disappointed by the new album, the concert brought songs from the old Chainsmokers, and they gave everyone in attendance a night to remember.

After a turbulent performance from a DJ K?D and a surprise appearance from singer Kiiara, the arena went black before Drew Taggart’s voice echoed from wall to wall as he began to sing “The One.” In front of a sold out crowd, Taggart and Alex Pall appeared from the darkness before heading into the drop of the song and setting the tone for the show.

The Chainsmokers then proceeded to be predictable, yet uniquely inventive throughout the show. They would switch between a song from their new album such as “Honest” or “Young” and classic Chainsmokers jams like “Roses” and “New York City.” But the interesting ways in which they moved into their songs is what really stuck out to me.

For example, the group played “Teach Me How to Dougie” as an introduction to “Don’t Let Me Down,” a staple of the Chainsmokers’ rise to fame. Additionally, they used “The Next Episode” by Snoop Dogg and “Tremor” by Martin Garrix as transitions into their own music.

To Chris Murphy ‘19, the group performed a show that words could barely describe.

“Absolutely breathtaking, gorgeous and exhilarating” Murphy said. “Bravo, Chainsmokers!”

Furthermore, the light display put on during the show thoroughly impressed those in attendance.

“They sounded awesome,” Zach Rooney ‘19 said of The Chainsmokers. “They did a really great job of keeping the fans excited for what was going to happen next through great pyrotechnics and special effects.”

But, as expected, the climax of the night was when “Closer” began playing and everyone in the audience started recording the song. To be honest, seeing the song played live was not as awesome as I thought it would be. I think the song was overhyped and the idea that it would be just as fantastic in concert as it is on the radio was ill-fated.
The spectacle closed with “Paris” as the crowd got its last pictures and videos in after the hour and a half performance came to a close. Other than a few microphone mishaps, the show went flawlessly. Overall, it was one heck of a Thursday night as Webster Bank Arena was filled to the brim to see one of the hottest music groups on the planet.

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