As a huge music lover and concert fan, there is no better feeling than screaming the words to your favorite songs being played live. From the build-up of anticipation waiting for the artist to come onstage, to the awestruck debriefs while walking out of the venue and every moment in between, concerts are guaranteed to turn an average night into an unforgettable experience. 

I am always scavenging the internet for when my favorite artists are playing near me and will drop money (arguably too much at times) on concert tickets in a heartbeat. For me, seeing artists that I listen to every day play their music live is an experience I can only describe as spiritual. Always keeping an eye out for new concerts to attend, I asked some Stags to share the best concerts they’ve been to. Let’s see what they had to say!

Junior Jenna LaRochelle says that her favorite concert was just a month ago in Bridgeport when she saw Noah Kahan on his Stick Season tour. She praises the concert for being “super affordable and super fun, everyone at the show was giving great vibes.” She said that her favorite song of his to hear live was “Maine” because, as a New England girl at heart, she loves taking trips to Maine with her family and friends. 

This past spring, Sam Ponessa ‘25 had a blast at a Masego concert in New York City, N.Y. Ponessa shares that he and a few friends saw this concert at Terminal 5 “which was a lot of fun because the venue wasn’t totally packed, so it was much more of a chill vibe.” Along with getting to hear “all of [Masego’s] hits,” Ponessa loves the “intimate vibe of smaller artists at standing-room venues.” Overall, this concert definitely stood out as his top favorite. 

When asked about her favorite concert, Kenzie Turner ‘25 immediately recalled the first concert she had ever attended. “My favorite concert was definitely Kane Brown because he brought out Chris Lane and Russell Dickerson,” Turner said. Having surprise guests always makes for a memorable experience! She went on to say that “it was also my first concert, and was much more than I could have ever expected.” Sounds like Kane Brown really set the bar high for Turner’s first concert!

Along with Turner, fellow country fan Christian Vareem ‘24 says that his favorite concert was when he saw Morgan Wallen at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Mass. When asked why this one was his top pick, Vareem simply said “because Morgan Wallen shook my hand.” Country fans everywhere are wishing they were Christian right now! 

Junior Charlotte Ginolfi shared a throwback from her middle school days as her top favorite. She said, “My favorite concert was when I went to Justin Bieber when I was 13. I was a huge J.B. fan at the time, so it was a perfect fit for me.” Not only did Ginolfi get to experience 2016 Justin Bieber live and in person, but she also saw Post Malone as his opener! “This was right when Posty first became famous, so it was awesome to see him live right at the start of his fame.” Thirteen-year-old me sure is jealous of anyone who got to see both Justin Bieber and Post Malone in the same show. 

To no surprise of my own, three Fairfield students named Harry Styles as the best concert they’ve ever been to. Junior Erin Resnick says “I loved the Harry Styles Love on Tour concert. The atmosphere of the show was so much fun and getting to hear his songs live was an unreal experience.” Fellow Harry fan Erin Dugan ‘25 elaborates that Styles “interacted with the audience so much, and everybody who was there was so sweet and positive!” 

Sophomore Emme Haddad also gushed over the singer, saying that “his energy is unmatched. I went to ‘Harryween’ last year and between his themed costume and the surprise songs, the energy was electric!” I have never personally been to a Harry Styles show, but my TikTok for-you-page makes me feel like I have. Styles definitely gives fans what they paid for by making their concert experiences one to remember! 

No matter your music taste, it’s undeniable that the thrill of live music is universal. Whether you’re an avid concert attendee or make your annual appearance at the FUSA spring concert (praying for someone good this year!), I hope you all have gotten to experience the power of live music.

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