If you don’t know Chris Murphy ‘19 in person, you may know him from his presence on social media. His instagram page @chrismurphy, is a strong reflection of his style which he describes as, “your grandfather’s closet with an early 2000s influence. Threadbare elegance.” His explanation is as unique as his content. What separates Murphy’s social media from the rest is his shock value. For example, once his followers think he will continue to post pictures of the stray cat he’s fond of, Stacey, he’ll surprise them. Just last week, he segwayed photos of Stacey to photos of himself wearing hot pink acrylic nails.

Murphy is also known for his dedication to sharing personal details on his snapchat story (add him @cmurphy03), including everything from his purchases at Goodwill and vibrant social life, to what he purchases almost daily at 7/11. While it seems like he has given his followers intimate details of his day to day life, a large part of who Murphy is lies in his ambiguity. Music, whether it be his own or by others, is an outlet for his cryptic persona. He has a Soundcloud alias that few know about it. Murphy often posts song lyrics and his audiences are left to wonder: who or what is this about? This playlist is dedicated to Murphy’s exes, giving us a brief glimpse into his otherwise enigmatic life.


“Better” – Khalid


“This song, to me, represents a period of contention. ‘Nothing feels better than this’, one of the main lyrics of the chorus, really spoke to me. It brought me back to my more naive times, where ignorance had been bliss. This song brings me to a stagnant time in my life, where though slow moving, I felt nothing but comfort.”


“Starboy” – The Weeknd


““Starboy” has always spoken to me. This song reminds me that I really did that. Despite life’s troubles, Chris Murphy, Yung Princess, is here to stay. When I walk in the room, everybody stops. This tune reminds me of that. It’s also perfect for thotty snap videos.”


“Thank u, next” – Ariana Grande


“”Thank u, next” has changed my life for the better these past few days. It reminds me to be thankful to all of those who have decided not to love me, teaching me lessons along the way. Thanks for the consideration, take a ticket, your number will be called when I’m desperate. Bloop, bye. I also love the shoutout to Mac Miller in this song, RIP.”


“Sunflower” – Post Malone & Swae Lee


“‘Sunflower’ reminds me of my best friends, my ROOMIES!! When this song first came out we listened on repeat, and the stream became continuous. ‘Then you’re left in the dust, Unless I stuck by ya!’ is my favorite lyric in the song. Without the support of my friends, my followers, and my fans, I really would be a broken down baddie left in the dust. No can do.”  


“Sex With My Ex” – Lil Peep


“When Lil Peep passed away, I felt my soul leave my body.  I’m still not okay to this day. Because of this, when his latest album dropped, after his death, I went full vegetable for hours to process the lyrics. “Sex With My Ex” stuck out to me especially. Though the lyrics are morbid, this is typical Peep, and he’s saying what all of us are thinking. He is also a Long Island native, so that makes me feel even more connected to him. RIP Peep, you’re a legend. I’ll miss thirst trapping on your Instagram Live’s.”


“On Fire” – Morgan Saint


“Morgan Saint’s music goes straight through my soul. She’s also the older sister of @willyg44, one of the freshest kids at the Field. “On Fire” was the first single released before her latest EP, “Alien”, and spoke to me as soon as I heard it. She talks through her anxieties, lows, and frustrations that all muster up when someone sets you on fire and leaves you to ashes. She writes her songs, and is a visual genius, creating every visual detail herself. Brava!”

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