The sun is slowly but surely making its way out from behind the clouds, and you know what that means, Stags! Springtime is upon us, and the campus has been popping with students basking in the warm weather—or anything above 50 degrees. A good playlist is a springtime essential, and I’ve got some perfect tunes to get everyone in a sunny mood. Here are my top picks for songs to blast in in the car, on your walks to class or in the quad as you lounge in the sun with your friends. 

“Why” by Dominic Fike 

Dominic Fike has been my number-one Spotify artist for two years in a row now, and this song always remains one of my favorites of his. Similar to his hit song “3 Nights,” “Why” has a groovy, happy beat with a catchy chorus that is sure to boost your serotonin on the upcoming sunny days.  

“Rich Girl” by Daryl Hall & John Oats

This song is the definition of an oldie but a goodie. During the spring of my first year at Fairfield, I was hanging out with some friends in the Quad on a sunny day and a group of boys walked past blasting this song. They were smiling and singing along with the song, passing their great vibes on to everyone in the quad. Now, whenever I listen to it I am reminded of the happiness that springtime on a college campus brings. This tune never fails to make me smile!

“Strawberry Sunscreen” by Lostboycrow

I just discovered this song recently but I have it playing constantly. This is a super lighthearted, happy and feel-good tune perfect for spring days! The melody is dreamy and makes me want to dance down the street on a sunny night. Ya feel? 

“Sundress” by Zoo Culture

This is, without a doubt, my go-to sunny day song. The opening beat never fails to instantly lift my spirits. I could be in the worst mood ever and this song would cheer me up in a heartbeat. To me, this song sounds like what a sunny day feels like. Definitely a must-listen for the warmer days approaching! 

“3 am in Chicago” by Brendan Bennett

This is more of an upbeat tune that is sure to get you happy and hyped up. This is one of my and my hometown friends’ favorite songs to blast in the car as we attempt to rap every word. The catchy chorus combined with the fun beat definitely makes this one of my top picks for springtime. 

“Can’t Wait Until The Day Comes” by FUR

This one is a little more underground, but I can’t gatekeep it any longer! This is the perfect groovy song to get anyone in a sunshine state of mind. I promise that if you listen to this one you are going to crave warm weather more than ever. This song and “Sundress” have similar vibes in my mind, so do yourself a favor and add this to your springtime playlist right now! 

“Down with the King” by Good Kid 

While I would categorize this as more of a summertime anthem, it is perfect for those warmer spring days. This upbeat indie-rock tune gives me so many memories of clear blue skies, smiles and sunkissed skin. Nothing beats that! This has become a sunny day staple for my friends and me—whenever one of us plays this tune, we know spring has sprung!

And there you have it: my master list of springtime songs! Please give these songs a listen if you want to put yourself in the spring mood. And trust me, playing “Rich Girl” in the quad on a beautiful, warm day is sure to create really wholesome memories. Happy listening, and happy spring Stags!

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