The burning question remains unanswered … Who is the notorious Tully DJ? Whether it’s party music on a dreary Monday or breakup ballads on Valentine’s Day, the selections are nothing short of memorable. An anonymous junior says, “Only juniors will understand the joy of Tully music coming back after it was broken for a year.”

Another adds, “Music in the Tully makes me feel like a main character.” It is safe to say that Fairfield students applaud the reinstatement of “Tully Tunes”. 

Tully DJ, despite your great work, the student body has a few suggestions. Upon speaking with different groups of students, a few common questions emerge: “Where’s the Spanish music on the Tully playlist? Why is the Tully music either breakup songs or party songs? Are we expected to dance at 9 a.m. to the Tully trap music?”

My final consensus: we want the Tully DJ to match the overall vibe of the students. Although it may be hard to please everyone, here’s some advice: create more diversity within the playlists. Change the genres of music throughout the course of the day. Let students make song requests. Take note of what is popular.

Tully DJ–we appreciate your ability to liven up our dining experience. Keep up the good work! The student body is rooting for you. 

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