November DJ of the Month:

Zoe Ferranti ‘17

zoeShow: “TYR”

Time: Monday at 10 a.m. on the FM stream

“TYR” is a refreshing mix of talk radio and alternative rock/indie pop hosted by Zoe Ferranti ‘17.

She has quirky, exciting stories about her day-to-day endeavors, weekend recaps, fun facts about bands, artists and albums and narrations of who she sees out of the studio’s glass wall.

A great number of people call-in to answer her on-air questions like, “What candy would you put with Pork and Beans?” (inspired by the Weezer song, “Pork and Beans,” of course).

Ferranti has a specific flow of the type of music she plays and when she plays them. She kicks off every show with songs from the top 10 alternative rock chart that week, followed by a mix of songs from the previous year and finally more from the top chart, while talking in between. At the end of every show, she closes with a particular folk artist that stays constant throughout the semester. This semester’s artist is Passenger.

For her second-to-last song, she does a segment called “Remember Me? Monday” where she plays songs by rock bands from the past, like Depeche Mode and Jane’s Addiction. Finally, to close the set list, there will always be a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and signs off with her catch phrase, “Stay Classy, Stags!”

How did Ferranti become part of WVOF?

She blames her curiosity. Ferranti is a part of the Fairfield University Student Association and one night after finishing up some work in the FUSA office, she saw the light on in the WVOF office.

So what happened next? Well, Ferranti walked right over and knocked on the glass wall of the office and waved. After she was allowed past the studio’s high security lock (the stag swipe), she fell in love.

By second semester freshman year, she moved up to the FM studio. Currently as a sophomore, she rocks the air waves with her show “TYR” on Monday at 10 a.m.

Ferranti still hasn’t said what TYR stands for yet, but it is said that on her last show of her senior year the secret will be revealed.

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