Bear Hands – “Distraction”

The Brooklyn-based group’s second album is overflowing with fast, rhythmic hooks and blaring beats. Pieced together over a three-year period, the album’s lyrics touch on a wide range of subjects from agoraphobia to failed relationships. It deftly combines attention-grabbing urgency and infectious melodies into a ball of alt-rock deliciousness.

Into It. Over It. – “Intersections”into-it-over-it-intersections-e1379612964340

Venturing slightly from the pop-punk sound of his previous work, Evan Weiss’ sophomore album has found new ground with much more complex production and a tone clearly influenced in part by his friend Mike Kinsella of Owen. The album is steeped in loneliness and heartfelt introspections relatable to any 20-something in the midst of figuring things out. “Intersections” is emotionally weighted and melancholic in the best way possible.

Son Lux – “Lanterns”51FNM9mVijL._SL1200_

Experimental oddities and orchestral instruments come together in Ryan Lott’s incredibly dense third album. His extensive musical background is highly apparent as he successfully interweaves seemingly contrasting aspects into a masterfully arranged roller coaster of noise and texture. Son Lux has without a doubt become an expert of unconventional sound.


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