Real Estate – “Atlas”

If you’re a longtime fan of Real Estate or you’re just hearing about them now, be sure to listen to their newest album released this week. With the New Jersey band’s third and best record to date, they have found a way to make full use of their familiar sound without being redundant. Frontman Martin Courtney’s vocals mesh with the crisp guitar melodies perfectly, and the lyrics are more poignant than ever. The whole production is so comfortable but graceful in the way that only Real Estate can be.

St. Vincent – “St. Vincent”

Annie Clark, the ferocious woman behind St. Vincent, has returned with a flawlessly versatile album. Her signature gritty guitar style that has been revered by many comes through with full force, along with some heavy distortion, brass instrumentation and synths. It is a whirlwind of creativity, both lyrically and instrumentally, which is no surprise when it comes to St. Vincent.

Modern Baseball – “You’re Gonna Miss It All”

The band’s sophomore album is a lot more confident and better produced than their first, but still keeps the charm of a small town, pop-punk sound. The lyrics are catchy and clever, half-yelled over upbeat drum-driven melodies. Even with the snarky undertones, the emotions on “You’re Gonna Miss It All” embrace honest self-awareness and early adulthood anxieties that anyone can relate to.

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