The world of fashion is an exciting one, bringing to mind thoughts of runways, expensive designer brands and fabulous models dressed in amazing outfits. This week we consulted with Luka Zedginidze ‘22 to get a feel for the hottest new fashion trends on campus. After doing so, we were astounded to bear witness to a wardrobe and level of photogenicity that would have Tyra Banks immediately naming him America’s Next Top Model, thus attesting to him he deserves to be seen on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Read on to see the inspired, stunning looks Luka pulled off throughout this week:

Monday’s Look – Starting The Week Off Cozy!

Model Zedginidze began this week with a cool-but-casual look consisting of a button-up shirt, sweatpants and sneakers, with a scarf added to help him keep warm during the biting winter we’ve been experiencing. Here he is, in all his glory, sipping a cup of hot tea, nose still red, warming up after coming in from outside. This outfit is quite modest in comparison to his later looks featured from this week.

Tuesday – An Ode To Ducks

Tuesday’s outfit reminds us of summer, with the yellow of the temples of Zedginidze’s glasses perfectly matched to the ducks printed onto his blue collared shirt. The walrus in his shirt pocket, an objet d’art that adds to the theme of semiaquatic fauna present in this look, is reminiscent of socialite Paris Hilton carrying her beloved chihuahua, Tinkerbell, in her purse whilst being photographed by the paparazzi. Those sunglasses will help to shield his eyes from the camera flashes of onlookers, when Luka, like Hilton, is sure to be bombarded by photographers who will want to catch a shot of this ensemble!

Wednesday’s Outfit – Accessories To The Max!

Coco Chanel is said to have stated, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Rules, however, are meant to be broken. And upon hearing this unwanted advice, Zedginidze cried out, “How drab! How plain!”, and donned a scarf, wrapped around his arms in a serpentine fashion, placed a hat upon his head, put on his favorite pair of eyeglasses and added two bracelets of differing color patterns to his look. Which added some fun and a touch of feminine flair to the understated gray vest and yellow shorts comprising the rest of this outfit.
Thursday – Innovation At Its Finest

With the weather warming up, Zedginidze decided to celebrate the upcoming spring by baring some skin. Thursday’s outfit was created with abilities in fashion design rivaling those of Gianni Versace and Georgio Armani, worn with modeling skills on par with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. With his body gracefully draped over a chair, Zedginidze puts his artfully crafted outfit on display, consisting of a striped scarf wound around his body to create a midriff-exposing halter top, dark green pants and a pair of gray sneakers with vibrant blue socks playfully peeking through; adding a touch of vibrancy to the otherwise muted ensemble. Being cautiously optimistic about the warm weather, Zedginidze decided to pair the halter top with a maroon robe, which proved helpful during the chillier hours of the evening.

Friday – An Old Hollywood Throwback

Zedginidze finished off this week with a look inspired by Audrey Hepburn, a fashion icon known for her gamine looks. He perfectly and effortlessly recreates her sophisticated beauty with the use of a gingham headscarf and sunglasses, complete with a pair of gloves. The feminine accessories contrasted by Zedginidze’s facial hair and bold brow creates an en vogue androgynous appearance while simultaneously conjuring images of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Roman Holiday,” a perfect homage to the late and great actress.

And so, my fellow Stags, be sure to keep a lookout on campus for Luka Zedginidze, Fairfield’s favorite fashionista, to see more timeless, impeccable and tastefully-assembled attire.


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