With Halloween just around the corner (and by that, I mean a month away), now is the time to start considering some potential costume options. There is no shortage of costume inspiration sources, from TikTok to Pinterest to other people’s past Instagram posts. Despite all of this access to ideas, it can be difficult to come up with ideas that are unique but still understandable. Not to mention factoring in the number of people you want to dress up with and your individual budgets: it can be a nightmare! Never fear, for I am here to kickstart your brainstorming process and give you a few amazing ideas to branch outwards from. Whether you take these ideas at face value or turn them into something even better, here’s hoping that inspiration strikes!

We may as well begin by discussing some of the most classic costume options around: fairies and princesses! There is plenty of room to work within these vague categories at a number of different price points and different levels of effort. This is a great costume idea for groups, as you can assign each person the princess or fairy that most closely resembles them. It is fairly low-effort, as all you really need is some sort of dress or matching set, the necessary accessories and some sparkles. Boom! One idea done. I know it may not be the most innovative or creative costume around, but you are pretty much guaranteed to please all of your friends and stay within budget. And come on, how could somebody NOT know what you are?

A great idea for guys is to be something revolving around one intrinsic article of clothing that I guarantee is already in your closet: a flannel. This one garment has the potential to be transformed into the basis for a cowboy, scarecrow or lumberjack costume … truly, the list is endless. Similarly to the aforementioned costume, simply don the necessary accessories (or don’t, it really doesn’t matter) and you are all set for a night of spooky fun. Listen, it may take people a few guesses to understand your costume, but hey, who really cares?

Oops … I’m (Doing) It Again! Another idea for the ladies is one of my personal favorites. I have thought long and hard about even mentioning this costume in this article, for fear that I will have it stolen out from under me, but I feel that I must. You know her, you love her and she pays homage in the most artful of ways to the early 2000s … none other than my girl Britney! It feels almost impossible to pick one outfit to take inspiration from, as she has simply too many iconic looks, but trust me, this is a good one. Between her look in the “…Baby One More Time” music video and her outfit from the Video Music Awards, in which she hauled a python across the stage, there is no shortage of interesting and elaborate directions to take this costume in. Though it may be a bit pricey to buy replicas of the exact outfits she has worn, you can easily recreate most of these looks with articles of clothing you already own plus a few extras here and there. It is bold, it is iconic and it is fun … what more could you possibly ask for?

While this is far from an exhaustive list of potential directions that you can take your Halloween looks, these are some of my favorite simple costumes that can be built upon and personalized to make some absolutely rockin’ costumes. Whether you plan on celebrating Halloween or not, at least you now have the perfect resource to find a look that matches your vibe! Best of luck, guys and ghouls!

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