Another play is about to grace the stage of the Pepsico Theater on Wednesday, Dec. 4.  “Stop Kiss” will be performed by the talented actors of Theatre Fairfield.

This play was written by Diana Son and first produced in 1998 in New York, N.Y., which is where the actual plot takes place.  It jumps between two times in the storyline to, in the end, elaborate about issues of inequality.

“Stop Kiss” is an intense drama that incorporates both humor and more serious aspects to its structure. It follows the stirring story of Sara (played by Molly Gregory ’16) and Callie (played by Veronique Poutre ’16) having their first kiss on a street corner in the city.

This warming moment is tainted when a bystander attacks and injures Sara, moments after the kiss.  The plot evolves into the steps taken after Sara is attacked. and the examination of the actions and feelings of others who are involved in this affair.

The purpose of this play is to question and challenge discrimination against certain groups of people. In this case, the issue we are confronted with concerns homosexuality in the modern day world and how it is perceived.

On the Fairfield website, Director Cat Miller states, “’Stop Kiss’ is a play about people finding the courage to live and to love the way their hearts direct them, bravely and freely even in the face of fear, doubt, discrimination, and hate.”

Miller further expresses a desire for the play to bring to light the multiple facets of today’s society and bring fairness and equal rights to homosexual individuals and couples.  With so many considerations and factors that contribute to certain attitudes, this play is meant to promote a fair way of thinking.

Gregory explained her take on the premise of the play. “Stop Kiss’ is a truly beautiful play because, at the end of the day, it is simply a play about two people who fall in love. The fact that they’re both women is just that: a fact. ‘Stop Kiss’ has so many universal applications because it shows the beauty we can find in all of our small, everyday moments.”

Gregory expressed how this play really triggers a realization of our individual power to pursue and fight for what matters most to us at the end of the day. This is all represented by the relationship of Callie and Sarah and how this evolves throughout the play as it is contrasted to the recovery of Sarah when the story jumps from past to present.

“I love playing Sarah. She is extremely kind, passionate, and is never afraid to go after what she wants,” said Gregory about her experience in the play. “She cares so much about others, and in general she is an extremely strong woman.”

Putting on a play in general is a difficult task, but even more so with such important and weighted issues.

“We had a very short time to put together this show, so it’s been a bit of a challenge trying to make sure that everything is up to par and ready to go for when we launch the production,” said Gregory.

The methods in which the cast adapts this story to the stage can give the audience a view into the lives of those whom these issues affect.

Pay a visit to the Pepsico Theater this week and take a look at what the talented cast has been working on. “Stop Kiss” is a story that you can see, but also think about as it is incorporated into the very issues that are so close at hand in our society.

“Stop Kiss” opens on Wednesday, Dec. 4 and goes through Sunday, Dec. 8.  Show times are Wednesday through Saturday, Dec. 4 to 7, at 8 p.m. and a 2 p.m. show on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 7 and 8. Tickets are $5 for students, $6 for seniors and University staff and $12 for everyone else.

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