NPH1If you missed the Oscars this past Sunday there is a lot to catch up on. “How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris hosted The 87th Academy Awards ceremony with enough punchlines to knock you right off the couch.

Harris opened the awards with a heartfelt toast: “Tonight we honor the best and whitest — I mean brightest,” joking about diversity. To follow, a large musical filled with film references from Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, Stormtroopers and Roman soldiers, with support from Anna Kendrick and Jack Black, who jumped out of the crowd and began singing halfway through the number.

Neil Patrick Harris was dressed in a variety of dapper suits, as portrayed in his “How I Met Your Mother” character, Barney Stinson. First, Harris wore a black tux and bow-tie and a suave red-suede suit to follow. Each outfit, or lack thereof, made each moment of the Oscars full of humor and surprise.

The most shocking moment of the awards is when the camera followed Harris backstage where his red robe was caught in the dressing room door. Harris rushed to the Dolby Theatre stage, passing paparazzi and “Whiplash” drummer Miles Teller, who was behind the drum set playing a solo. The Crowd went wild as Harris appeared in nothing but his tighty-whities!

In turn, this scene was paying tribute to “Birdman,” where Michael Keaton, as Riggan Thomson, catches his robe on a theatre door forcing him to walk around Times Square in black socks and his underwear and Teller who starred as a drummer in the Birdman

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