I remember back when you were DJing parties at The Point. How does it feel to finally perform paid gigs like Clam Jam, Dogwoods 2.0, Townhouse Time Travel, etc.?

DJ Greg T: “Well, I’ve definitely come a long way since freshman year … from DJing beach parties to Dogwoods 2.0 and Clam Jam. Everything just happened gradually. My first time I ever DJed at college was at Pier 7.”


Good time.

DJ Greg T: “Yeah, he’s gonna love this … Jake Boudreau (Gamer ‘15) sent me a text and said, ‘Come and DJ the house tonight.’ So after that night, it was like … that’s when everything started.”


Do you miss it? Do you miss getting texts from Jake Boudreau and DJing house parties at the beach?

DJ Greg T: “*laughs* Yes, I do miss getting texts from Jake Boudreau … but now … so beginning of this year I joined FUSA and that opened a lot of doors for me. It helped me DJ at The Levee, which was paid … and getting paid to do this stuff, going from not getting paid and having fun to getting paid and having fun … it’s the best feeling.”


You’re legit now.

DJ Greg T: “Not yet, but …”


I feel like once you get paid, you’re legit.

DJ Greg T: “Yeah, you could say that I guess.”


Would you say your recent successes have influenced you to step up your DJing?

DJ Greg T: “I definitely want to progress in the whole DJing thing. I still use the same equipment. I’m making small amounts of money, but gradually, so everything’s kind of getting paid for on its own. But I’m not buying any new things yet. As of right now it’s just on the side, though.”


“On the side” meaning school comes first?

DJ Greg T: “Yeah. School comes first, and I have an internship this summer, which is also first.”


What are you doing for your internship?

DJ Greg T: “I’m working for United Entertainment Group. It’s basically a company where they take a celebrity and a product, like Selena Gomez and Pantene, and they put them together and go on a concert tour or something like that.”


What’s your major?

DJ Greg T: “Marketing.”


Ah, so that’s right up your alley.

DJ Greg T: “Definitely.”


Awesome. So, do you go into a performance with a setlist? Or do you feel the crowd and change it up as you go?

DJ Greg T: “I do have a playlist of which I go into hoping to play. The Luau at the beach is totally a different scene than Late Night at the Levee. But I usually go in with a playlist in mind and depending on who’s there and who’s reacting, I might change it up.”


Do you usually look for that one person who’s really into it?

DJ Greg T: “Yeah, and song requests, too. I’ll try to help ‘em out. But usually if there’s that one person that everyone’s following …”


You’ll just feed to them?

DJ Greg T: “Exactly.”


What do you expect for upcoming events like Townhouse Time Travel and Clam Jam considering your past experiences with them?

DJ Greg T: “Last year nothing was really planned by the school. So last year I DJed Around the World off of 9 block’s balcony, but that was a free-for-all. I just set up my stuff. But this year is more of a planned event, so they’re setting me up with a small stage and a small area. Everything is getting more planned as we go year to year. I feel like the more the school takes over events like this the better they can get.”


Because there’s a cooperation?

DJ Greg T: “Exactly. Everything runs more smoothly, everything is legal, but this’ll definitely be a step up from last year.”


What are your aspirations for the years to come considering you’re only a sophomore?

DJ Greg T: “Well, I’m on FUSA. I’m Director of the Class of 2018. I also plan to be on [Resident Community Council] at the Townhouses and [Beach Residents Association Group] when I’m a senior, but I also want to be in charge of a large portion of my class’s events just because I have so many ideas of what we can do. Like, you know how juniors set up that slip-n-slide thing? We could turn that into an event with food, beer for over-21’s … just small things like that because that’s what brings classes together.”


Do you feel like that would take away from the spontaneity of everything though?

DJ Greg T: “It would in a way, but I would try my best to make it not too controlled. It would take a little spontaneity away, but it could also be done better.”


And you think you can make that happen?
DJ Greg T: “Yes I do.”

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