Sonic innovator, virtuosic guitarist, melody maker.

The shoes of Rich Robinson, former founding member of The Black Crowes, are big ones to fill as he swings to balance his meteoric past, personal life and budding solo career. However, Robinson will be adding another accolade to his prodigious career on June 24; a brand new solo album “Flux,” containing 13 original compositions that touch on Robinson’s rock-roots persona.

“This is organic music made by a human expressing human experiences in a human world,” said Robinson. “There are ebbs and flows in the music, chord progressions, shifts and for me, a beautiful flow in how the record moves.”

“Flux” marks Robinson’s first solo record since the split of The Black Crowes in January 2015. In the meantime, Robinson has re-issued his first two solo records, as well as releasing new EP’s and live recordings in anticipation of “Flux.” The new record ushers in a melodic brilliance that breathes life and simplicity gently into the ears of any listener.

Look no place other than the first single off of “Flux,” “Music That Will Lift Me.” The piece utilizes a country-bluegrass tone, similar to that of the early Crowes. Robinson’s matured vocalization is reminiscent of a cross between Tom Petty and Jerry Garcia, but what truly makes the track memorable is Charlie Starr’s [Blackberry Smoke] blistering lead guitar.

As a musician, Robinson continues to explore his little piece of the grand auricular adventure called life, and “Flux” is just one part of his voyage.

“I draw everything from life. Life experiences create my musical filter,” said Robinson emphatically.

2016 continues to prove fruitful for Robinson as he was also hired as a replacement for Mike Ralphs during Bad Company’s co-headlining tour with The Eagles’ Joe Walsh. “Paul [Rodgers] and I met last year in Seattle. We were honoring Jimmy Page for the Experience Music Project. He liked the way I played and when Mick Ralphs wasn’t able to do the tour, they called me,” said Robinson.

“They’re not my songs, I’m not leading a band, it’s just fun to get up there and play.”

After his gigs with Bad Company, which wrap up July 3 in Tennessee, Robinson and his current bandmates, Sven Pipien, Joe Magistro and Matt Slocum will embark on a three month tour to promote “Flux” across America, even making a pitstop at StageOne downtown on August 2. The show promises to be a eclectic platter of sorts with Robinson promising “a lot of the new record, all of my past solo work, some Crowes and covers.”

As the future pans out for Robinson, things seem to be progressing faster than most musicians would ever admit to being comfortable with, but for Robinson, his seasoned tenure since his days with The Black Crowes make him an adept instrumentalist and weathered trailblazer.

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