The air is crisp and you didn’t kick your blanket off in the middle of the night … It’s finally Fall. Despite enjoying the aspects of autumn that everyone else has access to, like pumpkin spice treats and the halloween movies, fall in Fairfield is truly a magical experience. 

“As someone who lives in Regis Hall, I’m glad I can finally go to sleep in a sweatshirt and not wake up all sweaty,” Lauren Cunneen ‘26 says. Bulkier clothes are just one of the many things to cherish when the leaves begin to morph in Stag Country. The walks to class are less sweaty and much more scenic. 

“I love the in-between weather. Watching the leaves change into their fall colors makes campus that much more beautiful,” Natalie Cavanaugh ‘24 said. Alongside the mesmerizing natural aspects of Fairfield fall, there is always something to do during this time of year. 

“There’s always events going on ranging from soccer games to the farmer’s market. It’s the perfect weather to sit outside in the quad or go down to the beach to hangout with friends before it gets too chilly,” adds Jessie Caruso ‘26. 

Autumn is the perfect transition period for just about anything. Finding a new study spot to study for your first exam, taking the Stagbus downtown for the first time or breaking in your Keurig to make some warm apple cider. There are so many opportunities to explore to meet new friends. Who says we have to wait for the new year to make goals for ourselves? Make it a point to try something new this season. Join the club you’ve been wanting to try out, go support a friend at their game or try that restaurant on Post Road you’ve been eyeing. We all wish Fall would stick around for longer than it can. Make it last while it’s here! 

Continually, with this emerging season comes many festivities to look forward to. Halloween is around the corner, football season is among us and we’ll soon reconnect with our families during Thanksgiving break. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the Fall decorations and pumpkins outside the townhouses, which will probably end up getting smashed,” says Emily Merola ‘24. 

Stag country will be silent for a short six days, awaiting our Holiday spirit-filled return. In the meantime, it’s great to see our fellow stags bond over who’s playing every Sunday night (go birds) and what they’ll dress up as for Halloween. 

“I personally love the change of season, the cooler weather means sweater weather! I also just love all of the fun activities that come with the Fall season like pumpkin picking, Halloween and Thanksgiving, the sports games and being able to share that with my friends on campus!” Maria Betancur ‘24 exclaims. 

Fall is what you make it. For some Stags, it’ll be their last Fairfield Fall, while for others, it’s a first! Take a minute to stop and stare at this captivating season upon us, soak in the festivities with your fellow Stags and of course, splurge on a Pumpkin Spice Latte from the DSB Starbucks.

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