During times of change or stress, it’s important to have a support system. For Fairfield University, that support system is Dunkin Donuts. Stags do indeed run on Dunkin, but there’s a time and place for each drink and menu item the chain offers. 

As usual, Dunkin’s signature fall drink, the pumpkin spice latte (PSL), is back in season right now at all locations. While many people associate this drink with the word “basic,” others may view it as a classic. 

You may also be questioning, “why would I want a hot drink in this humidity?” To which, I would have to agree with you. So instead, I suggest trying the iced version of the PSL on days the temperature is a bit too warm for sweaters. But if you still want to manifest fall vibes, of course, the hot, regular pumpkin spice latte still works perfectly for staring out into the views behind Bellarmine Hall as the crispy leaves drift around you. Think: “Gilmore Girls,” “When Harry Met Sally” and “Dead Poets Society.”

Iced coffee also fulfills so many different aesthetics, like how hazelnut and mocha swirl gives a throwback to adolescence, almost like chocolate milk for the focused adult. Chai, a delightful cinnamony alternative to pumpkin spice and perfect for a fall stroll, is for people who exercise and wear matching loungewear. And lastly, the Dunkaccino is something Santa Claus would like. It has the chocolaty goodness, whipped cream and an extra boost of caffeine to keep him from leaving someone’s presents in the sleigh as the night drags on. So be like Santa; order a Dunkaccino.

Nevertheless, a cold drink can get you through more than just that 8:00 a.m. class, or late afternoon dreariness. Flavors like french vanilla, caramel, and butter pecan are examples of more sophisticated flavors to prepare for any College of Arts and Sciences speech or Dolan School of Business presentation. Peanut Butter Cup swirl is perfect for engineering because it’s less popular but still wonderful in its own right. And Dunkin’s regular, fully caffeinated black coffee can save any nursing major from falling asleep during clinicals.

Finally, a few tips from a seasoned Dunkin customer: While cappuccinos seem like a lovely breakfast beverage, they are not to be had after 11:00 a.m. based on the Italian tradition. Also, having just recently discovered refreshers, they are the perfect taste for beach days. Lastly, one could say one’s milk choice speaks to personality traits. So choose wisely. 

Whatever the occasion, the three Dunkin locations on campus located in the Barone Campus Center, the DiMenna-Nyselius Library and Dolan School of Business, are perfect for sweet and savory relief from all life’s problems. 


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