October 21, 1964: The film “My Fair Lady” premiered.

In 1964, the film “My Fair Lady,” which was adapted from the Broadway musical, opened in theaters. Although actress Julie Andrews played the lead role of Eliza Doolittle in the on-stage version, Audrey Hepburn was chosen to star in the film.

Because Andrews was an unknown face in the film industry, producers felt that Hepburn, a household name, was the better choice to cast. Ironically, in the same year, Andrews was cast in the award-winning Walt Disney film “Mary Poppins” and became famous after receiving the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role.

Julie Andrews went on to star as Maria Von Trapp in the classic film “The Sound of Music,” which solidified her place as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

October 22, 1991: Television network ABC aired the 100th episode of “Full House.”

In 1991, the hit sitcom “Full House” reached a television milestone when its 100th episode entitled “The Legend of Ranger Joe” aired as the sixth episode of the show’s fifth season.

“Full House,” which starred Bob Saget as father Danny Tanner, John Stamos as Uncle Jesse Katsopolis and twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in the shared role of Danny’s youngest daughter Michelle, premiered in 1987 and ran for eight seasons until it was cancelled in 1995.

Most of people would say that they grew up watching this family comedy, but what may not be known is that  after the show was cancelled, it began running in syndication and continues to do so today. So chances are, when viewersheard Michelle Tanner utter the famous words “You got it dude” after 1995, it was actually a repeat episode, not the original.

October 25, 1986: Bon Jovi album “Slippery When Wet” reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts.

The song  “Livin’ On a Prayer” came to be a defining hit for this award winning rock group when it was included on the band’s 1986 chart-topping album “Slippery When Wet.”

According to the band, the famous track almost did not make the cut because of dissatisfaction on the part of the group’s namesake and lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi.

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