Although the semester is coming to an end, the festivities are just beginning. The Juicy J concert is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start rummaging your closet for potential outfits. As you think about which look you want to go for, consider the styles that never fail at concerts:


This effortless style is commonly worn at concerts. When going for a skater ensemble, pair a graphic tee with a pair of shorts. Transform your shirt by cutting it into a creative style. The skater style can also include beanies and snapbacks. Complete your look by tying a long-sleeved shirt (especially a plaid or denim collared shirt) around your waist.


To pull off this look, play around with leathers, denims and plaids. You can also throw a knee-length cardigan in the mix. If you choose to wear a collared shirt, you can button it all the way up, or leave it unbuttoned and loose. Similar to the skater trend, you can tie a shirt around your waist and/or top it off with a snapback, beanie or fedora; for both the skater and urban styles, finish your look with a pair of Converse or boots.

Simply Chic

If you’re looking for a concert outfit that’s a bit more dressed up, look no further. There are unlimited ways to be simply chic. You can pull off this style by wearing a skater skirt or a skater dress. You can also wear high-waisted jeans with a bustier top, or shorts with a patterned sheer top.

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