When most of us shop, our instinct is to buy whatever immediately attracts us. Unfortunately, this habit can limit our individual styles because we ignore clothing that doesn’t instantly catch our attention. These shopping tips will help to expand your personal style:

It’s not who you buy, but what you buy. Owning brand name clothing does not equate to being fashionable. The way an outfit is put together and worn determines how chic it is, not the name attached to it. Focus more on the design of clothing and how it can be styled.

Explore different departments instead of limiting yourself to certain spaces. Broaden your shopping areas (including stores and departments) to expose yourself to a wider variety of styles. Personally, I do not limit myself to the women’s department because I often come across great finds in the men’s department including oversized sweaters, shirts and beanies.

Don’t shop solely for current trends. If you only search for clothing that is momentarily popular, all of your clothing will soon go out of style. Timeless pieces are important to have in your closet because you can always fall back on them. By the same token, don’t ignore daring ensembles that will set your style apart.

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