Fashion is all about taking risks with colors, patterns and styles. If you want to change up your style, you don’t need to go on a shopping spree. Experiment with the clothes right in your closet. Some outfit combinations may appear unusual at first because you are not used to the change, but the only way to expand your fashion sense is to be more open-minded to different looks.

Colors are always exciting to play around with. Being matchy-matchy can be boring because it’s a safe option that does not allow room for experimentation; having your outfit match too much can also be a bit tacky. If you’re wearing a yellow dress, don’t be afraid to match it with red or blue pumps. Here is an outfit that may give you inspiration: blue dress + orange shoes

Patterns are fun, but not when overdone. I encourage you to experiment with your prints, but beware of possible clashing between patterns. If you want to wear a more dramatic print, pair it with a print that’s toned down and not overdone. Mixing patterns can be done successfully, but a trial and error process may be necessary. Here is one way it can be done: gingham crop top + plaid pants

Style is limitless. Of course, everyone has their personal style, but you have the freedom to explore diverse fashions. You can even sport two styles at the same time. For example, picture someone wearing a crew-neck sweater with a collared shirt underneath and a full skirt; this outfit is a combination of two styles, preppy (top) and girly (bottom). You have the green light to explore options that are different from the styles you normally cling to.

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