With the one-year anniversary of COVID becoming a national pandemic, we begin to reminisce about the original quarantine and how our lives have changed since. When we recall our daily lives, we think of Tik Tok trends, Outer Banks and endless family time. It was a time of making do with what we had. Fast forward a year and here we are, still loving Tik Tok and all its fun trends.

Some current favorites both nationwide and worldwide are the feta pasta, tortilla wrap, whipped coffee and last but not least, the nacho table. I sat down with two seniors who have all in the past week tried these famous new recipes!

Eleanor Davis ’21 hopped on the bandwagon and made the feta pasta last Saturday for her and her roommates. “I found the most liked Tik Tok and followed the way they did it. I boiled the pasta, and, in a casserole dish, put my tomatoes, a block of feta and several spices,” she said. “It smelt great and looked beautiful. However, when we ate it, we didn’t like it. I love feta cheese, but I think that this recipe would be better combined with ricotta or goat cheese.” She finished off her review by adding that she would like to recreate the dish this weekend, however, instead of cheese, she believes that a spinach and artichoke dip would be really tasty.  

Allison Witheford ’21 decided to get creative one winter day and spice up her lunch. “I had seen this trend on Tik Tok and had been wanting to try it,” she said. “Like you see on Tik Tok, I added four things to the wrap. On one side, I added one slice of peppered turkey. On the next side, I added spinach and cherry tomatoes. I then added mozzarella and Trader Joe’s Kale pesto.” She went on to follow the instructions, folding each side, so that it looked like a pocket. “It looked and smelt great when it came out of the press. I was so excited!” She said. Sadly, as they say, Tik Tok did it better. “I was so disappointed. The inside was still cold, and it was really dry. I found it hard to fit everything I wanted into the tortilla. Overall, I think it was definitely better demonstrated on the app.”

I tried this trend myself to see what all the fuss was about and was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. I followed the directions and, in my tortilla included arugula, pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes. I don’t have a panini maker, so I wrapped the tortilla and toasted it in the toaster. It was perfectly cooked and was an easy, healthy snack! I would definitely recommend playing around with different ingredients and ways of doing it until you find what you like best!

Last but certainly not least, we must discuss the famous nacho table. Although I have not had time to try it yet, we plan to Sunday. It is something that feeds a lot of people and is great for entertaining. However, it is a big mess, and I would imagine pricey when you include all the fixings. Stay tuned for how this turns out!



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