Not only will newly elected FUSA President Jeff Seiser ’10 have some big shoes to fill, he’ll also have a red wig and some face paint he’ll have to live up to as well.

The biggest Stag super-fan is beginning his last stretch of college, and the Fairfield community will soon be saying goodbye to two-time FUSA President Hutch Williams ’08.

Williams will relinquish his position as FUSA president to recently elected Seiser on Sunday, April 13. The inauguration ceremony will be held in Bellarmine Hall.

“I will miss Hutch, but I remind myself that college is four years for a reason,” said Dean of Students Tom Pellegrino. “He has done his time here and has left a great legacy.”

Last year, at the FUSA inauguration, Williams said his greatest accomplishment at that point in his life was being elected FUSA president.

“I’m sure graduating from Fairfield will eclipse that particular moment,” said Tim Rich ’08, chair of the FUSA Student Senate.

Williams said he has an “excited fear” for graduation but that he does not want to wish away his last few weeks at Fairfield.

“I’m excited for the next step, but I will truly miss Fairfield,” he said. “Instead of being on the inside looking out, I’ll be on the outside looking in.”

Williams is currently exploring options in brand, product or media marketing. He has debated whether to return to school for his MBA or enter the workforce.

Of pursuing a career in politics, Williams said: “I’ve enjoyed collegiate politics, but I feel like the business world excites me. I’m a competitive person and so are the fields that I’m looking into.”

Williams has been one of the strongest advocates for the student body in Fairfield history. Aside from two years as FUSA president, he has been a campus leader as class president his freshman and sophomore year, a member of the Orientation board, a lector, a tour guide and an RA.

Pellegrino said Williams has the gift of fitting in everywhere and sharing that gift with those who are struggling.

“He takes the time to look out for these students,” said Pellegrino. “I know he does because I have heard the same story from many students about how Hutch was a welcoming voice and an open arm at one point or another in their college career.”

Caroline Joy, assistant director of student activities and facilities, has worked as Williams’ FUSA adviser for two years and noted Williams’ deep commitment to FUSA.

“Just this week during Spring Break, I received two phone calls from Hutch about projects he was working on before the break,” said Joy. “It made me laugh since he is on vacation yet he is still focused on his responsibilities on campus. As his adviser, I implored that he take a well-deserved break for a few days!”

Pellegrino described Williams as being the most reliable and hard-working president with whom he has ever worked.

“He is responsive, prompt, never ever misses a meeting and is always, and I mean always, in a good mood, even when I suspect he doesn’t want to be,” said Pellegrino.

FUSA members will best remember Williams’ work hard, play hard mentality.

“He’s always energized. He’s always excited about this or that even at 6:30 or 7 in the morning,” said Tim Dee ’08, FUSA secretary of treasury.

Rich, who is a good friend of Williams’ and works with him on a daily basis, said that he is definitely a guy’s guy.

“He enjoys the occasional cigar, tells jokes and watches South Park,” said Rich.

Known for his red wigs and face paint, it isn’t surprising that some of Williams’ favorite memories have been athletic events. He notes following the 2006-07 Fairfield men’s soccer team as one of his favorite memories. In 2006, the team became the first Fairfield team in history to win an NCAA tournament game, defeating UConn 2-1.

“I’ll come back as an alum to the games but getting painted up is something for the students. I’ll really miss the people and getting painted up,” he said.

What Williams said he will miss most at Fairfield is the people.

“[I’ll miss] the day-to-day interactions with the people here at Fairfield,” said Williams, “and my friends, who I will stay in touch with obviously, but it is never the same once you leave.”

Williams’ advice for Seiser and other new FUSA officers is to “be an advocate for the students first. Listen to the students, and always remember to stay in touch with who elected you.”

Williams’ advice for underclassmen: “Always ask questions. Always ask why, and don’t give up if the first time something fails. Often with persistence and the right mind-set you can accomplish whatever your goals are.”

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