blink182After a long four-year hiatus, multi-platinum selling rock band Blink 182 pleased fans worldwide this past weekend with the announcement of the group’s reformation.
‘We used to play music together, and we have decided we are going to play music together again,’ drummer Travis Barker stated on stage at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.
Barker’s announcement was followed by bassist Mark Hoppus, who ecstatically shouted, ‘Blink 182 is back!’
Immediately following the Grammys, the trio’s Web site was updated with a new promo photo of the band, a new band logo and a press statement that read:
‘To put it simply, we’re back. We mean, really back. Picking up where we left off and then some. In the studio writing and recording a new album. Preparing to tour the world yet again. Friendships reformed.’
The return of the pop-punk trio has been anticipated by millions ever since the band dispatched in early 2005. Tom Delonge quit the band after a heated argument with his fellow band mates about making family a larger priority than the band, leading to the band being officially put under ‘indefinite hiatus.’ Delonge went on the front the band Angels and Airwaves, while Barker and Hoppus formed the short-lived band +44.
After four years apart and an uncomfortable amount of animosity shown by both sides, the trio began speaking again after Barker barely survived a tragic plane crash in September, which left him severely injured and four others dead.
While the band has been keeping tight-lipped on what’s in store for fans, several sources have indicated a summer tour and a summer release date for their upcoming sixth studio album.
In an interview with MTV last month, Hoppus talked about the then unconfirmed Blink 182 reunion, stating that ‘it would have to be the most amazing, ridiculous, mind blowing show and tour ever.’
Here’s to hoping Blink 182 lives up to its word.

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