IMG_0587Artist: Jason Mraz
Song: Dynamo of Volition

I love Jason Mraz. Mraz’s acoustic songs are definitely his best, but his latest album did a decent job in capturing his live sound on a studio track. “Dynamo” is a tongue-twister of a song with a chorus that you just feel the need to dance to. It is also currently my ringtone … (which explains why it takes me so long to answer my phone.)

Artist: The Hush Sound
Song: Momentum

Quite possibly one of my favorite songs of all time. It starts out slow, but just wait — it’s worth it.

Artist: Tristan Prettyman
Song: War Out of Peace

I love Tristan Prettyman’s music. Her songs make you feel like you’re listening to them on a beach, and her sound is impressively genuine.  Her first album had perfect summer vibes of sun and surf and her second album has more of an energetic upbeat to its tracks. While I like her first album better, this song is my favorite mellow track off her second one.

Artist: The Script
Song: Talk You Down

Maybe it’s because The Script is from Ireland that it isn’t a huge sensation in the U.S. yet, but it should be. I can’t think of one song on its entire album that I don’t like, and its sound varies immensely between tracks. My other favorites are “Breakeven” and “Fall For Anything” — great songs to work out to.

Artist: John Mayer
Song: Heartbreak Warfare

I’ve had Mayer’s latest single on repeat every since I first heard it. It’s a quiet song with a tune that can get stuck in your head for hours on end but you won’t even mind. His new album sounds like it’s going to be awesome — I can’t wait for it to drop Nov. 17.

Artist: Thriving Ivory
Song: Runaway

Thriving Ivory are a relatively unknown band with a sound that eludes comparison to anyone else. Its intense sound is paired with lead singer Clayton Stroope’s unexpected voice … it sounds weird at first, but it definitely grows on you and makes a perfect song to run to.

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