Kat Deluna gave a fantastic performance this past weekend at the annual FUSA concert. Photo by Peter Caty/The Mirror.

When Kat DeLuna hit the stage at Alumni Hall on Saturday night, the energy was palpable. DJ Spynfo psyched everyone up as he mixed beats, so by the time Kat hit the stage, everyone was ready to keep dancing.

Kat and her dancers saw that and danced with us, even bringing three students up to the stage to dance with her. After the show, the 21-year-old singer stopped to answer a few questions for The Mirror.

The Mirror: Thanks so much for coming tonight. It was so much fun!
Kat DeLuna: Thank you. Thank you guys for having me!

TM: It was a lot of fun when you pulled everyone up and danced with them. Do you do alot of audience participation?
KD: Well, definitely, I think the best part of doing this is being able to perform in front of your fans. I’m very personal with them and actually very spontaneous. That just came out of nowhere to come off stage and go and hang out with the guys.

TM: You’re a classically trained opera singer, and you sing Latin music, but what do you really like to sing?
KD: I love pop music. I consider myself a pop artist, but with a lot of, again, I was trained in opera, I’m Spanish, so I sing in Latin, Spanish music. I’m all over.

TM: You were born in the Bronx, you lived in the Dominican Republic, what’s home?
KD: I identify myself as a Dominican-American.

: You’ve done so much and you’re only 21. Where do you see yourself in the future?
KD: Actually, this is to me just a start. My first album, “Nine Lives,” was amazing but it was more like an introduction. Now, my sophomore album entitled “Inside Out,” this is where I’m betting on. You know, this is where I’m putting all my money into, like, let’s go. I just see myself, just; Grammy’s, movies, fashion, and whatever the world brings towards me. I believe in the chemistry in whatever is there for you — just go grab it.

: Your closet looked amazing in InStyle and you also had a video that looked so cute. Style-wise, what countries do you identify with most?
KD: I definitely love Italy. Everything originates most in Italy. I love the culture of the French, but can’t nobody beat New York!

: Thanks so much. It was great speaking with you.
KD: Thank you so much. I love Fairfield University!

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