Nowadays, there aren’t many television shows worth watching. Once a very inventive and compelling series, ‘Prison Break’ has become as painful as listening to a cat run its claws down a chalkboard. Shows like ‘CSI Miami’ are becoming very predictable, and very hyped but short-lived dramas like ‘The O.C.’ rose and fell from popularity quicker than Limp Bizkit.
Thank goodness for Lost, the one show on prime time that can never disappoint; it’s only problem is the long wait it leaves it viewers with between seasons. But alas, the wait is over.
This Wednesday, the ABC drama ‘Lost’ will return for its fifth season in a three-hour premiere event. When the show last left us in May, six of the plane survivors had finally made it off the island, although their return to civilization wasn’t as glorious as they had hoped.’ Three years apart from the island had led to an overwhelming feeling of guilt and denial in these survivors, as they are slowly coming to the realization that they ‘all have to go back.’
Meanwhile, those who were unable to escape the island in last years finale will have to deal with the effects of the island being apparently being moved.
Did the island really move? If so, did it move in space or time, or both? What happened to those who were left behind on the island? We learned that ‘some very bad things happened’ to them, but what exactly? How did our hero, John Locke, die in the future? How will the six survivors make their way back to the island? These are just some of the many questions viewers hope to have answered this Wednesday in the premiere.
The premiere episode of season five also marks the beginning of the end for ‘Lost,’ which has already set its end date to be May 2010. While fans may be upset with their favorite show coming to an end, the designated end point also means the show will last only as long as its story line was intended for, and won’t be stretched out in Grey’s Anatomy fashion.
‘Lost’ is best known by fans as the one show that asks its viewers more questions than actually given answers. But with the show coming to a close and the endpoint not far in sight, viewers should look forward to some of their biggest mysteries of the show to be revealed in the new season.
With the show getting better and better with each year, I predict season five of ‘Lost’ to be nothing less from extraordinary. With only 34 episodes left before the finale, its still not too late to tune in. So this Wednesday be sure to strap yourself down to the couch, turn on ABC, and get ‘lost.’ ‘ ‘ ‘

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