Making the first move- Guys, you have so much to learn. As easy a task as it is, I still feel like some of you are having trouble. I don’t mean to be critical but after 21 years of listening to the same lame pickup lines, I am just plain tired.

Whether you are at a bar, a party, or even if you’re feeling rambunctious in class, making the first move is as easy as seeing a dolphin swim. Here’s the scenario: you’ve been eyeing each other across the room, smiling, and possibly she’s been undressing you with her eyes all night… What’s so confusing? She’s laying on the bedroom eyes thick yet half the time you will never go up to her and give a simple hello to start off the conversation.

It’s kind of like a domino effect: she smiles, you walk over, fill her cup up at the keg, and before you know it, you two are walking home, hand in hand, hoping to “get to know each other” just a little bit better. I don’t think it’s that hard, why do you?

I constantly am surrounded by guys talking about the extent of the game they throw and how they continuously pull tail every weekend yet for some reason I am either blind or just oblivious when this is going on.

We all know that most of the girls here aren’t going to start the conversation. But for some reason guys, you could never fathom the fact that this is actually true. More often than not, if you walk up to a girl, I am positive she won’t laugh in your face unless, you throw out a really lame pick up line like, “I didn’t know fireworks could explode this close to the ground.” Don’t embarrass yourselves like that.

Boys, you need to man up and just make a move. Everyone wants to make new friends and believe it or not, we don’t bite. If a guy comes up to me and keeps the lines at bay and initiates a normal conversation, I am probably likely to run home, call my best friends, and tell them about the amazing guy I met. Simple, right?

I am sure all of you guys are reading this and you probably think I am being a little judgmental and biased on who should make the first move. Remember, girls like to get flattered and starting off the conversation is the easiest way to our hearts.

Just be a man for once and do what you inherently know how to do because of your masculine identity. You know you want to talk to us, so just do it already.

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