Seeing as I had a rough week I’m going to take this column to write about things that annoy college guys.  Extensively collected and researched, it covers everything that should be avoided in order to not annoy a bro.

Guys hate anyone other than ourselves wearing a sleeveless shirt.  The most comfortable and arguably the best type of shirt in the world, tends to come with the stipulation that the wearer is one of the ‘tough guy’ grouping.  If it were socially acceptable to wear sleeveless around in everyday life I would do it in a heartbeat.  Sun’s out guns out.

Nicholas Sparks.  It’s not natural for one man to be able to harness so many emotions in one book.  That being said, ladies, I enjoyed ‘The Notebook’ and cried at the end.  Girls love that emotional touchy feely crap that we gentlemen suck at expressing.  Watch any of Nick’s movies with her and she’ll be emotionally vulnerable.  Just like when George Washington crossed the Delaware, she’ll never see it coming.

People who hate Liam Neeson.  The man is a one man army, the embodiment of every male virtue.  If you hate him you probably hate America.  Just like Nicholas Sparks who is able to speak with emotions, Mr. Neeson speaks with his fists and actions.  I have a theory that in every single movie Liam Neeson is in, he has a one liner that is so perfectly fitting it can barely be contained.  The man’s a B.A.M.F.

Stonewall-text-messages are also the worst.  How am I supposed to respond to “lol” or “I know”?  If you want to talk then talk, there’s no need to brainstorm of things to say.

Blackboard, Eidos, and Mentor all need to be combined into one website and all the teachers need to use it.  I am tired of having one class on Mentor, while another is on Blackboard.  Combine them, probably save the school a couple grand right there. Likewise, teachers need to learn to respond to emails better.  If you’re sent a paragraph long email, I guarantee you cannot solve everything asked of you or expressed in a single sentence.  We know you’re busy, but we don’t want to spend time cleaning up what you missed just because you couldn’t slow down and finish reading an email.

Fish in Barone.  Seriously, as much as I enjoy eating fish this should never happen.  I’ve watched my roommate puke up a serving of catfish back onto his plate after trying to eat it.  I beg you, please don’t serve us fish.

Hopefully this short list of things that annoy college bros will enlighten you a little and make the world a better place or something corny like that.  On another note, by the time you’re reading this I’ll either be happy or angry with the Patriots.  So I’ll end on a neutral point, saying I hope everyone had a fun Super Bowl.


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