It can be tempting, especially early in the morning or after a long summer day at the office, to take your commute on public transportation and waste it away. While it might be easy to just drift away while listening to Spotify or mindlessly scroll through the same Instagram feed that you’ve already looked over twice, here are a few suggestions on how to better utilize your free time.

Update your résumé. As you continue your summer gig, you will be able to add more skills to your CV. While it’s still fresh in your head, pull out your laptop and add some details about your current experience.

Listen to an audio book. What’s a better time to finally “read” that book that you’ve been meaning to? You have a few extra hours during the day, so sit back, relax and listen.

Stay sharp. Download some educational apps on your phone to use. Keep your brain engaged by playing games like Trivia Crack, or Words with Friends.

Start a journal. Write about anything; record what you did today, your moods or even jot down funny conversations that you overheard around you.

Meditate. Staying relaxed, both physically and mentally, is extremely important for your health.

Make lists. Know that you have a ton of chores for you waiting at home? Still need to plan out your weekly meals? Instead of dreading it, take the time to list out and prioritize what needs to get done. You’ll feel much less overwhelmed with a plan of action ready.

Get in some exercise. Make the choice to stand on the PATH train or subway instead of sit. Engage your core or do calf raises as you wait for your stop.

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