According to Jeffrey R. Immelt of General Electric, the biggest challenge of our generation is driving growth, which starts with technology.

“Our belief is that big is beautiful…that there are no limits,” he said.

The Charles F. Dolan School of Business presented the chairman and chief executive officer of General Electric Company to a full house at the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts on Nov. 2.

Immelt gave a lecture on “Growth and Leadership.”

As the leader of this $170 billion GE company, he sees only room for growth.

“We just won’t be limited by what other people can create for us, but what we can create for ourselves. And that’s the value, and that’s what we try to drive inside GE,” he added.

The reaction of the crowd was enthusiastic, as was his message of leadership and the ability to change.

“What you really want to see… in a leader of any kind anywhere…is people that live in the moment, can accept the reality of today and try to change their context in that moment…the first thing good leaders do is drive change.”

Many students responded his lecture with positive feedback.

“I liked him…I thought he was an interesting guy,” said Jenna Sordi ’06.

“And I thought it was beneficial to hear the types of people that they are looking to hire,” she added.

Immelt lectured about many topics,, including the importance of globalization.

He spoke about the need to compete by forming a more integrated global society.

Currently, over half of the revenue taken in by GE is generated abroad and about half of those employed by GE are also abroad.

China and India are going to be factors that will have huge impact on world markets.

GE’s business outside of the United States is growing by roughly 20 percent a year, he said.

Chris Huntley, chairman of Information Systems and Operations Management found Immelt to be “boilerplate” in his speech.

“There were parts that seemed to be more extemporaneous,” he said. “I especially liked the part about ‘if you’re a cynic at 25, then you’re too old to work at GE.'”

“I’m pretty sure that that wasn’t the first time he’s said that particular truism, but I must admit it was apropos,” he added.

Immelt was appointed as GE’s ninth chairman on Sept. 7, 2001.

If there was one thing to take away from Immelt, it was the importance of being a leader and getting an education.

“Leadership is an intense journey into yourself…it’s how hard you want to work [and] how fast you want to grow,” Immelt said.

“It’s being yourself,” he added.

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