“Sweet Harmony” is one of the many clubs on Fairfield’s campus, but it’s the only club that can belt out Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” in perfect pitch. From the old-time classics to today’s top 40, Fairfield’s all-female a cappella group has become known for its medley of talented voices.

Twice a week, the group can be heard singing all different genres of music from the basement of Jogues Hall. The group is student-driven, with musical pieces arranged by Jackie Aquino ‘16 and alumna Sam Mazzeo ‘14. Two seniors, Julia Vos and Jenny Dressel, are responsible for putting together practice times, organizing events and perfecting the performances on the stage.

According to member Christina Barry ‘15, the fact that the club is student-driven means that members must work extra hard to fine-tune their music.

“We rehearse every Thursday night from 8-10 p.m. and every Sunday 1-3 p.m.,” said Barry.  “It’s a lot of time, and sometimes gets frustrating because we’re all really busy people, but the results have been worth it.”

In the past, the group has performed with Fairfield’s Glee Club and the Bensonians, Fairfield’s male a cappella group. Together, the three groups have performed at different events like Alumni and Parents Weekend, Commencement and Christmas concerts.

While performing is something they enjoy, Barry explained that standing on stage and belting out in song is always a daunting task. However, singing alongside others makes it easier.

“We all work really hard to make sure we’re ready for any performances we have, and singing with other people to help make one cohesive sound is always more comfortable than singing on your own,” said Barry.

Through working with one another, the group of about 20-25 members has developed a “sisterhood,” according to member Kelsey Washburn ‘17.

“We all have nicknames for each other and it’s always fun at rehearsals whether we are working hard learning a new song or goofing off,” she said.

Currently, the group is working towards putting on their own concert this coming April with the Bensonians. They will be singing songs like “Shake It Out” by Florence and the Machine, according to their official Instagram account.

As they work towards the concert, Barry explained that regardless of who is watching, it’s enjoyable working with your best friends.

“Even though the crowds are generally made up of our friends and our families, who would love us even if we were awful, it always feels really great when you have performed well in front of people who have never heard it before,” she said.

“Sweet Harmony” will make their next appearance April 18 in the Gonzaga Auditorium at 7 p.m.

“This concert in April is our first ever Sweet Harmony concert,” Washburn said. “We are going to showcase all of the songs we have sung so far this year (and a few surprises).”

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