10:42 p.m.

Vandalism resulting in flooding was reported in Loyola Hall. The two students responsible were identified and referred to student conduct. 



12:14 a.m.

A narcotics arrest occurred in Loyola Hall. In the course of investigating another case, possession of narcotics, including paraphernalia was discovered. The students involved were issued misdemeanor summons and referred to student conduct.  


11:03 p.m.

Five students were referred to student conduct due to alcohol violations in the form of possession by minors. 



1:28 a.m. 

A non-student was observed entering campus via the Fairfield Prep gate. The individual had previously been denied entrance at the main gate, so they were issued a Criminal Trespass Warning. 


2:19 a.m.

Three students were observed jumping out of a window of Meditz Hall. DPS went to the room to investigate and found several bottles of alcohol and one resident present. The students who jumped out of the window were identified and referred to student conduct.


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