Tahoua region, Niger- An American citizen was kidnapped by an “unknown group of assailants,” reported NBC News. According to Christian Broadcasting Network News, the man is Jeff Woodke, who reportedly worked for the Christian organization, Youth with a Mission. Several armed men broke into his home on Oct. 14, killed two people and kidnapped the man.

Jerusalem, Israel- Israel suspended its ties with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization because of a draft decision that UNESCO made, reported CNN. Israel believes that the decision ignored Judaism’s ties to its holiest site, the Temple Mount. The decision also only referred to the location by its Muslim name, Haram al-Sharif. The draft decision was proposed by a group of Arab countries including Egypt, Algeria and Qatar.

Moscow, Russia- One North Korean fisherman was killed and eight others were injured when Russian border guards shot at a fishing trawler on Oct. 15. The guards opened fire when the trawler crossed over the Russian border in the Sea of Japan, Fox News reported. According to the Federal Security Service, the border guards detained the boat and afterwards, attempted to flee, which is the reason that border patrol opened fire.

Haiti- The southern shore of Haiti was hit on Oct. 11 by a Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Matthew. The death toll exceeded 1,000 people, according to Al Jazeera, a Qatar-based news site. Due to the hurricane, a series of environmental disasters and a collapse of infrastructure decimated the country, said CNN.

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