The final half of the spring semester is always a stressful time, due not only to impending finals but the pressure of underclassmen registration as well. Both Fairfield students and the University Registrar admit that registration is a stressful and hectic time, but agree on little else.

When asked, the employees of the registrar’s office said that the students who come in are respectful and polite, and that the current registration procedures are at their most effective, stating, “Yeah, they’re a little complicated […] but it’s the fairest way for all students.”

The majority opinion among students is that the service encountered when registering for classes ranges from less than helpful to downright rude; as one junior stated, “It seems like they [registrar employees] aren’t there to serve the students.” The student body regards current registration methods as being a greater hindrance than help, but that is the fault of a large, over-ambitious core rather than the web system.

To be sure, there are many more important and dire situations occurring in the world, but at these times when so many people are at odds with one another, is not the idea of respect and courtesy all the more important?

People may not like helping students register, finding it tiresome and little more than an annoyance; on the other side of that same coin, tiresome and annoying is an apt description of the registration process.

Granted, individuals must give respect in order to gain respect, but here at Fairfield University, it does not appear that the door swings both ways. It is a sad state of affairs when a 5.9% tuition increase can’t even buy a smile.

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