What can you expect to eat at the Super Duper Weenie? Super duper weenies…DUH!

The Super Duper Weenie offers a large selection of hot dogs. You can have a regular one—but that’s boring. I’d opt for one of their seven other specialty hot dogs.

Some of the names include the New Englander, the New Yorker, and The Georgia Red Hot (which lives up to its name).

Since I eat like a horse, I ordered one of the “super duper” hot dogs-the Californian. It’s a large hot dog topped with meat chili, onions, American cheese and relish. It was phenomenal.

The chili is a great addition to any hot dog, even plain. If you order a plain frank, you can add individual toppings such as relish, cheese, and grilled onions for about 25 to 50 cents per topping.

Not in the mood for a hot dog? Well, this place also serves “soups from scratch,” grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled cheese, and burgers. Their menu also includes a veggie burger, for all those who aren’t fans of red meat.

An added bonus about the food? All their side dishes are fresh and home- made, even their french fries. “Watch us make ’em” is their slogan.

The prices aren’t too unreasonable. The cheapest hot dog is a plain one with no toppings, and it costs $2. The most you’ll pay for a hot dog is $4.95, and that’s if you want to get the “Mighty-Ity,” sweet or hot sausage ‘ peppers, onion, and cheese on a Portuguese roll…mmmmm.

The place itself is relatively small, but it’s a nice hang out spot. It’s about a ten minute drive from campus, at Exit 24 off of I95.

Parking is available out front, so you won’t go nuts trying to find a spot. Feel free to take one of their cute pocket-size menus home with you, for further perusal.

Unfortunately, if you want to eat at this hot dog joint, you have to go kind of early in the day. Most days, they close at 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. Don’t plan on making any late night hot dog runs!

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