There is nothing better than walking into the Daniel Grace Tully Dining Commons on a Tuesday afternoon and laying your eyes upon the most beautiful words you’ve ever seen written upon a menu: “broccoli cheddar soup.”

We are both avid soup lovers and between the two of us, we’ve tried them all. Sitting by the window in the Tully, we’ve sampled the classic chicken noodle, hearty chili, creamy clam chowder, sweet butternut squash, savory tomato soup, salty minestrone, cream of mushroom and vegetable soup. And none of them compare to the mouthwatering, dream-inspiring, cheesy broccoli cheddar soup. 

While one of us finds all of them distasteful besides broccoli cheddar soup, the other of us do enjoy the occasional clam chowder and creamy tomato bisque. However, there is still only one clear winner.

Despite broccoli cheddar seemingly being the most sought-after soup, as suggested by its pot’s consistent emptiness by the time 7:00 p.m. rolls around at dinner, it is only enjoyed nearly once a week by students. 

A soup this delectable deserves to be enjoyed every day. 

Why is cream of mushroom soup, a seemingly unpopular choice by most, served multiple times a week, while broccoli cheddar sits on the bench? Chicken noodle soup gets its time to shine every single day in the soup station. Why not the broccoli cheddar soup?

Let’s face it: chicken noodle soup is boring. Unless you’re sick, no one is craving the overdone chicken noodle soup anymore. 

It’s time to accept the future and replace the traditional, bland chicken noodle go-to with the up and coming broccoli cheddar soup. 

For those of you who are still on the fence, let us describe the experience to you. As soon as the spoon touches your lips, you taste a cascade of creamy cheddar cheese, leaving you with no other but a smile on your face. As you go in for your next bite, you see a big piece of broccoli floating on top of the cheddary goodness. 

Just as a fisherman casts his rod, you cast your spoon already knowing what you are about to reel in. The broccoli is infused with the cheddar flavor and soft, rather than creating an unnecessary crunch. 

Even if you are a broccoli hater, such as one of us once was before tasting this soup at the Tully, we urge you to give it a chance – a chance to change your mind. 

Don’t let raw, crunchy broccoli or steamed steer you away from trying the ultimate form of this vegetable. This comfort soup will guarantee to make even your dark days bright. 

Soup enthusiast Catherine Zarrella ’24 says, “If I could marry broccoli cheddar soup, I would.”

Overall, our main argument is that broccoli cheddar soup should be served everyday in replace of chicken noodle soup. If not that, at least more than once a week. 

This soup really does have the potential to be the new chicken noodle. 

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