To the Editor:

Students often complain about the apathy present in our school community. Over the past few years, FUSA has tried to bring back the luster associated with many of our traditions such as the Dogwood Dance in the spring, Senior Mug Nights at the Levee, and the Harvest semiformal this fall. So far the efforts to create school spirit so to speak have been successful.

Accordingly, I would expect long-standing traditions to become even more conspicuous than previous years. My fellow seniors and I have been looking forward to 200 Nights since we were freshmen. It is a night of celebration with your friends and classmates 200 nights before the seniors graduate.

This year, however, many friends and classmates will be missing due to the limited amount of tickets. There were less than 400 tickets to an event meant for the entire senior class, which consists of over 900 students. More than half of the seniors will be unable to attend an event intended to celebrate their last year at here at Fairfield University.

As a result, an evening with friends will be more of an evening without them since most of us will be unable to attend.

I must give credit to FUSA; however, because this in my opinion was one of the nicest 200 Nights planned in recent years. In order to include all of my fellow seniors and myself, it would have been beneficial to find out how many people were planning on attending before reserving a cruise or schedulig a venue that would have allowed for as many or as few interested persons.

Unfortunately, it is too late for the class of 2004 to enjoy their 200 Nights. Maybe next year the class of 2005 will have better luck.


Sarah Ulbricht ’04

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