To the Editor:

If what I have to say is overanalyzed, it might well lose its meaning. Here is a simple matter: I am profoundly impressed by the supporting staff of our university.

I have worked in many places before and in other universities, and have never experienced such exceptionally cordial treatment by the supporting staff. They truly make my job easier and I suspect everybody else’s as well.

I want to mention some specific people. The first person on my list that displayed such wonderful character is Mrs. Linda White in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. I would also like to mention Mrs. Louise Carcusa of the same department.

I am making reference not only to official business, but to caring on their part during times when some personal problems hit you, and when you need some assurance or some comfort. They are always there for the entire department. There was a rumor that I was going to get a new, beautifully well-furnished office in another part of Canisius Hall. I refused because I felt that I would miss these two wonderful human beings.

I should mention here Mr. Bob Russo, Registrar of the University, who runs a most efficient ship at this university. What is so impressive about that office is that when you walk in, there is always a polite person who will come up with the inevitable phrase, “May I help you?”

Here I want to especially mention Mrs. Pat Newall, who among other things, is in charge of classroom assignments. Given our tight situation with space, Mrs. Newall struggles with an almost impossible task. I get a feeling that she is so eager to help that if she could, she would go into the business of constructing new classes so that she could accommodate properly every professor.

I should, of course, mention Mrs. Cathy Alberti, who is the Secretary to the Dean of Arts and Sciences. She is infectiously polite. There have been a few occasions when, for one reason or another, I had to see the Dean of Arts and Sciences, whose job is by nature a hectic one. The task to arrange for a meeting with the dean falls on Mrs. Alberti. She tries to be so helpful that if she could, she would extend the dean’s working hours to accommodate the Jay Sommers of the university.

Not to be forgotton is Mrs. Elaine Bowman, Program Manager of Judaic Studies, who was my guide in many ways as it concerns Hebrew classes. I was always able to come to her with problems concerning classes and on some occasions, for consolation in difficult times.

Last but not least, I want to express my gratitude to Mrs. Sue Peterson, Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciences, for her assistance to me no matter how busy or hectic her day is. She is always prepared to resolve some of my problems with independent study and other such things. Mrs. Peterson works so hard that sometimes I am under the impression that she never goes home. On several occasions, when I left the university I saw her late in the day in her office. On the following day, when I arrived at 7:00 a.m., she was still there. I concluded that she sleeps at the university.

I am sure that my sentiments are shared by many people, if not by all, at Fairfield University, as should be the case. In our busy lives, we sometimes overlook those people who make our jobs easier and I am grateful to all of them. You are the best.


Jay Sommer, Adjunct Professor of Hebrew and Russian

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