Thanksgiving break is a treat, but we can all agree that there is one looming thought that prevents us from thoroughly basking in the joy of ignoring the notifications on Blackboard. That one thought can be the end-all and be-all destroyer of our lives: finals.

OK, maybe I’m being dramatic, but I don’t know a single person who has ever admitted without bribery that they enjoy the time of the year when we are forced to cram everything that we have learned throughout the course of the semester into our brains during a seven-day period. To make matters worse, there’s always that one professor who thinks that a final project and a final paper don’t cancel out the dreaded final exam.

Finals can be tough, but as I approach my second semester of my senior year, I can tell you that you will survive one way or another. However, in order to survive, one must first figure out what kind of student they are.

If you’ve figured out that you’re the type of student that skips class and does not pay attention when you’re in class, I am not saying that you will for sure fail that exam. Yes, it might be harder for you to pass as compared to your BFF Amy who is besties with your professor, but miracles do happen.

5-Step Guide on How to Pass (speaking on personal experience)

  1. Prioritize your exams.

Although the exam period seems to drag on and on, having final exams squished into nine days can be overwhelming. If you’re already behind, the first step is figuring out which exams are most important to pass. That can be accomplished by figuring out how much each exam is worth and your current status in the class. If your economics exam is cumulative, counts for 45 percent of your grade and you’ve already got a C- in the class, economics should be your focus. The English exam that counts for 2 percent even though you’ve still got a C- should be off of your radar.

  1. Sleep as much as you can before it’s too late.

You already know that at this point, you’re too far behind to try and catch up. You might as well procrastinate while you can, which means that you might as well get all the sleep that you can. Finals week will be nauseating and will last years when you’re up all night. Why try to get ahead and already be sleep deprived?

  1. Purchase your favorite comfort foods.

Who’s going to be there for you at 3 a.m. in the dead of the night when your well-prepared roommates are sound asleep in their bed? You know exactly who I’m talking about. Your friends Ben and Jerry and that bag of Doritos that you were eyeing all semester at the Stag Spirit Shop.

  1. Meet with your professors.

Your professor knows exactly who you are. They know that you’re the student who hid behind the screen of your laptop for the entire semester. However, luckily for you, your professor is a much better person than you and even though you haven’t opened your mouth once in their class, they will be more than willing to help you out. Contrary to popular belief, most professors are not out to get you and they want to see you succeed.

  1. Under-promise, over-deliver.

Coming to terms with the fact that your lack of focus in class has royally screwed you over will help you understand that getting an A on that exam might be next to impossible. However, shooting low and getting a C+ is almost the same as getting that A on the exam, right? If you’ve already prepared your mom for the loss, she’ll be taking on her tuition payment and then when you pass, she’ll worship the ground that you walk on. You are practically a genius.



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