As we each reflect on our academic year as it draws to a close, our seniors in particular have much to consider. Though we look to the future with a sense of enthusiasm, many of us find ourselves looking back on our time in Stag country with a handful of regrets as well. Having regrets is perfectly normal—even expected, given what a whirlwind four years university living can be—so, to help our younger Stags avoid similar pitfalls, I went around campus and interviewed a handful of seniors as to what their biggest regrets are as their time at Fairfield comes to an end:

“During high school, I was able to maintain a healthy balance between studying and having time to myself, but throughout college, I had lost that balance since a majority of my time was concentrated on completing school work which made me forget to take care of myself.” 

-Allen Vo ‘22

“My biggest regret is constantly forgetting that I joined my extra-curricular as stress relief. I regret taking it all too seriously and not having more fun—in classes, in extracurriculars, even the little things like doing homework and crying with your friends.”

-Jessica Cuntrera ‘22

“One of my regrets is not getting more involved in clubs and organizations while also staying involved in the activities that I lost passions for. From that point I was just doing the position to do the position.”

-Jakob Matala ‘22

“My biggest regret was not getting involved in different clubs throughout my time here. I only stayed with a single club and never thought to branch out to see something new. There are so many options too, so it was upsetting considering I only had so much time at Fairfield to begin with.” 

-Tim Amarante ‘22

“My senior regret is not fully utilizing the DSB career center earlier and to its full extent. I started reaching out to my career advisors around sophomore spring semester of 2019 to get some advice on applying for summer internships and I ended up getting so much more out of those meetings as the years progressed. I ended up being invited to some great marketing networking events and making great connections that eventually led to a well-paid marketing position for the summer after graduation.” 

-Elizabeth Kabalian ‘22

“My biggest regret as a senior is allowing myself to neglect my hobbies. I had the idea that if I stopped putting time into things like art and music I would have more time to excel in school. But by doing this, I actually ended up losing a very big part of myself and became a bit lost. What I wish I learned sooner is that, if you wish to do well in school, you don’t need to entirely sacrifice yourself and everything you love. It’s actually a lot more beneficial to allow your brain time to be constructive both academically and creatively.” 

-Katie Bacchi ‘22

Though I found it to be a common theme amongst the seniors I had the opportunity to speak with, my own biggest regret as I leave Fairfield is not doing everything I could. Though I gave many clubs a shot, I had a lot of trouble sticking with one. Whether it was from my habit of overthinking things or a certain pandemic, either way I feel as if I could’ve put more effort into developing my interests. So, if I were to give one piece of advice for our underclassmen, it’s this: Go all in. Chances are, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do as opposed to the things you did. So give it your best shot, make the most of your time here in Stag country—it goes by quicker than you think. 

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