At the beginning of this year, I learned that Fairfield was rebuilding the lacrosse field. I was also under the impression that Fairfield lacrosse alumni were donating the entire renovation. From my understanding, the alumni donations have not reached their goal yet, but construction is still proceeding.

I am not a Fairfield athlete, but I do go to the Leslie C. Quick Jr. Recreation Complex almost every day. The RecPlex is in terrible condition. The cardio machines are usually out of order for weeks on end, the weight room machines have broken cables and overall have passed their expiration date and the weight room free weights are also old, broken and ready to be replaced.

The RecPlex building itself is also old. Fitness centers should not have carpets because germs collect in the carpet and then form bacteria. Ventilation is poor throughout the building, and even the locker rooms aren’t in great shape. Working out is definitely important to a college student’s life, but who really wants to go to the rundown RecPlex to work out? Probably not many.

Not only is the RecPlex used as a fitness facility, but it is also used as a place to hold career fairs, where companies from the tri-state area gather to meet future interns or employees. Most of these visitors from companies are alumni and I’m sure they would love to see the RecPlex renovated. I think we should have a decent looking building to welcome these companies in, and the RecPlex is far from decent. Unfortunately, there is no other place on campus big enough to hold an event such as the career fair or even prospective student open houses.

Also, the RecPlex could be used for the senior graduation if the weather is not beautiful and sunny. Who would want graduation pictures taken in Alumni Hall or near the treadmills?

Another question: Why does the men’s basketball team not play on campus? If it is because Alumni Hall is not up to the men’s basketball standards, then let’s remodel all of the RecPlex and Alumni Hall and bring the team closer to home so there is a chance to have higher student attendance at the games.

The image of the RecPlex and Alumni Hall does not fit the image of Fairfield. A renovation of the RecPlex would benefit everyone on campus including students, student-athletes and alumni, so no one would no longer be embarrassed if their company comes to our career fair.

I think Fairfield should hold off the renovation of the lacrosse field until it is fully donated and start thinking of spending money on a project that would benefit the whole Fairfield community.

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